Woman massaging breast for breast tenderness during pregnancy

Breast tenderness during pregnancy

Breast tenderness during pregnancy


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Breast tenderness during pregnancy – three simple tips to give your breasts a little relaxation

Tense breasts is one of the first signs of pregnancy for many women. This is quite normal because the breast is preparing for breast milk production and breastfeeding. If the pregnancy is more advanced the tightening can become very uncomfortable and ultimately lead to a painful breast. In this article we want to give you three simple tips on how to reduce this feeling of tightness and give your breasts a little relaxation during pregnancy.

How does breast tenderness occur during pregnancy?

From the first day of pregnancy, your body prepares to optimally care for the growing baby both before and after birth. These adjustments lead not only to changing hormone levels or a growing baby bump, but also to preparing the breast for breastfeeding. This process includes, for example, the change in breast structure, the development of milk ducts or the distinct emergence of the so-called Montgomery glands. The latter produce a moisturizing oil that keeps your nipples soft and strengthens the natural barrier with its antibacterial effect. They also secrete a characteristic scent during breastfeeding to “attract” the baby. From the first trimester of pregnancy, the breast also begins to grow. By the time breast milk is expressed shortly before birth, it has increased in size by 1.5 times in many cases. This growth ultimately leads to uncomfortable breast tenderness. With a few simple tricks you can alleviate the unpleasant breast tenderness during pregnancy.

Instructions breast massage against breast tenderness during pregnancy

Tip 1 Against breast tenderness during pregnancy: How to massage your breast massage during pregnancy.

Breast massage during pregnancy and breastfeeding works quite simply. Especially in the last few weeks, when the breast enlarges significantly, the breast massage is a pampering ritual. Take a care oil of your choice (e.g. the sanosan Anti Stretch Mark Oil) in your warm hands and massage the oil in circular movements in a spiral from the base of the breast to the center of the breast – always from the outside to the inside. You can vary the movements and work stroking and circling depending on how you feel. You should be careful to avoid the nipple area, because nipple stimulation can trigger contractions. You can then move on to massaging the outside of the breast in small circles up to the armpits. Breast massage during pregnancy relieves the feeling of tension and has a positive effect on the blood circulation of the skin. If you notice that just towards the end of pregnancy some breast milk comes out, this is quite normal.

Tip 2 Against breast tenderness during pregnancy: Support the skin with the right care.

You can also relieve breast tenderness during pregnancy with the right skin care. Especially as an expectant mother, you should provide the skin with sufficient moisture, for example. The reason for this is that dry skin can react less well to the stretching process and ultimately leads to increased breast tenderness during pregnancy. However, if the skin receives enough moisture, not only will the feeling of tightness be minimized, but stretch marks can also be reduced. For optimal care, we recommend products that contain ingredients such as shea butter or nourishing oils (e.g. Anti Stretch Mark Cream).

In addition, it can do you good to take an afternoon for yourself and do something good for your body. Cooling compresses, for example, can work wonders and relieve breast tenderness. But be careful:

cooling is not the right thing for every pregnant woman to relieve a tense breast during pregnancy. If the breasts do not feel hot, but heavy and tense, a warm full bath can provide relief. The heat has a relaxing effect on the muscles, while the buoyancy of the water provides a lightness that can take away the uncomfortable feeling of breast tenderness during pregnancy.

Tip 3 Against breast tenderness during pregnancy: Buy a pregnancy bra.

Not only a relaxing massage and the right care can improve breast tenderness during pregnancy, but also a well-fitting pregnancy bra can provide relief. Pregnancy bras are designed to provide optimal support and relief for the growing breasts, thus preventing pain. It is important that the bra fits tightly, giving support to the breasts but not squeezing you in. Wide straps and a soft material are also beneficial. Sometimes it is also advisable to wear a bra while sleeping, because special sleeping bras give especially larger breasts more firmness during the night and help you avoid breast tenderness during pregnancy.

Breast tenderness during pregnancy is usually not very pleasant. But remember that your breasts are only tightening because they are preparing to breastfeed your baby. They give your baby all the food and nutrients it needs in the first few months. In addition, breastfeeding is a particularly beautiful time because it strengthens the emotional bond between mother and baby.

Product recommendations for breast tenderness during pregnancy

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