Woman strokes and massages belly against stretch marks

Prevent stretch marks: breast, belly and pluck massages during pregnancy

Prevent stretch marks: breast, belly and pluck massages during pregnancy


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Especially during pregnancy, your skin is put to the test: Not only the growing baby bump or the increasing size of your breasts, but also the hormonally induced changes in the connective tissue ensure that the skin is strongly stretched. With a daily massage of the chest, abdomen, legs and hips, you can support your skin in its task and at the same time prevent the development of stretch marks during pregnancy. In this article, we will show you methods to prevent stretch marks (you can learn how stretch marks are formed by clicking here)

The optimal period for skin massages during pregnancy

In order to best prepare your skin for the upcoming stretching process, you should start massages at the beginning of pregnancy – before the baby bump and increased breast volume are visible. If you notice relatively late that you are pregnant, don’t worry. Even in this case, the massage technique can still be of great help.

About one month before your due date, we recommend that you massage your abdomen very gently, because at this time an abdominal massage can trigger contractions. It is therefore better to leave off kneading or tugging. If you are also prone to premature contractions, it is better not to massage your abdomen. If you are not sure, ask your midwife or doctor.

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Belly massage during pregnancy

Plucking massage for pregnant women

The plucking massage should ideally be applied twice a day during pregnancy. To make the massage more pleasant, you should use an Anti Stretch Mark Oil or Anti Stretch Mark Cream for pregnant women. Warm the product in your hands and gently spread it on your belly. Then place your hands parallel to one another on your abdomen and gently glide your fingertips from the bottom to the navel and further to the side areas of the abdomen. Take small rolls of skin between your thumb and index finger and gently “pluck” them upwards. The more advanced the pregnancy, the smaller these skin rolls should be.

Leave out the fundus (i.e. the upper part of the uterus). The fundus is located at the navel in the 24th week and at the costal arch in the 36th week. The massage should be pleasant and not hurt. If the abdomen becomes firm during the massage, you should definitely stop.

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Stroke massage for pregnant women

Especially as pregnancy progresses, it is no longer so pleasant and easy to pluck the belly. In this case, instead of plucking, you can perform a stroking massage on your belly. Use a pregnancy care product of your choice and gently stroke your hands clockwise around your belly button. Be careful not to apply too much pressure and avoid the area around the pubic bone.

Instructions breast massage against breast tenderness during pregnancy

Breast massage during pregnancy

The skin on the breast also stretches a lot during pregnancy. Therefore, we recommend a targeted massage around your breasts using an Anti Stretch Mark Oil. For an optimal breast massage during pregnancy, you can massage the oil with your fingertips in a spiral motion from the base of the breast to the center of the breast. However, you should avoid the nipple area during the massage. The stimulation of the nipples leads to the release of oxytocin in the body and this can trigger contractions.

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Hip, leg and thigh massage during pregnancy

Because skin changes can also occur on the hips, buttocks and thighs, these areas should also be integrated into the daily massage routine. For the massage you can use e.g. an Anti Stretch Mark Cream or an Anti Stretch Mark Oil. Now massage your skin on the hips, legs or buttocks with circular movements. By the way: After birth, massages on the hips, legs and buttocks support the regression of the tissue.

These massages not only prevent stretch marks, but also relieve pain of the mother ligaments and ensure that they can relax. For an extra dose of relaxation, your partner can also do the massages.

You have already discovered stretch marks on your body? Then we recommend a Stretch Mark Fader, which has been proven to reduce stretch marks.

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