Biogas, Bagepalli, Indien

Biogas, Bagepalli, Indien

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Our commitment to the climate

Responsibility, along with health and safety, is a core value that sanosan stands for. Responsibility means that we also take responsibility for our environment.

sanosan – a brand of MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS

sanosan is not just sanosan. Our much-loved baby care brand is part of MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality skin- and haircare products that is now in its third generation as a family-run business.

“As a family company, the well-being of future generations is very close to our hearts. We shoulder this responsibility each and every day. We commit to ambitious sustainability objectives throughout the entire value chain.“

Christine Steger
Managing Director

MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS – we live sustainability

What helps the skin should not harm the environment. All of the work performed by MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS is aligned to this credo: For us. For our children. For our grandchildren.

  • We have been climate-neutral since 2017.
  • We use 100 % green electricity.
  • We manufacture in a resource-saving manner.
  • We support important climate protection projects.

sanosan – a brand with responsibility

So it was only the next logical step that all products of the brand sanosan also become climate neutral.

The climate at sanosanClimate change is one of the biggest global problems of our time. We all inevitably produce greenhouse gases. Climate neutrality means that an activity has no negative effect on the climate in total. We do this by reducing greenhouse gases to a minimum and offsetting them. We offset the emissions that we cannot avoid by supporting a recognised and certified climate protection project.

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Climate protection project in India

Together with ClimatePartner, we have decided to support a biogas project in Bagepalli, India.

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Cooking with biogas

In many rural households in India, cooking is done over simple open fireplaces in the home. This  requires a lot of wood and causes toxic smoke. Respiratory and eye infections are very common, especially among women and children.

Our project promotes small biogas plants for private households. They produce biogas from cow dung and certain organic household waste. With this, the families can cook without worries.

The smoke is eliminated and there is no longer the need for time-consuming wood collection. Many women and children used to spend one day a week doing this. Now they have more time to work and learn. The forests are preserved and CO2 is saved because no more wood is burnt.

indian familyFurther information on our climate protection project in India is available at