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Our values

Health, responsibility and safety


Every single day, we align all our efforts with the values we stand for:



The health of her baby is the most important thing in a mum’s life. Especially important is her baby’s healthy skin and the right care products that help this wonderful, delicate skin to develop a healthy skin protection barrier and that do not irritate it in any way. sanosan only uses the gentlest surfactants and natural ingredients such as milk protein, organic olive oil and extract.


sanosan takes responsibility for the future of our earth. We are not only committed to healthy baby skin, but also to a future worth living for today’s smallest inhabitants of this beautiful planet. For this reason, we not only rely on a high level of natural ingredients in our products, but also ensure that our formulas are biodegradable.


For mums all over the world, the safety of products and ingredients is the most important aspect when it comes to baby care.

We at sanosan take this very seriously: the safety of our products is our number one priority. We develop our formulas in our own research and development laboratories in southwest Germany.

“In research and development at sanosan, we work on the best products for sensitive baby skin – hand in hand with dermatologists, of course.“

Dr. Klaus Hempel
Head of Research & Development

Safety that creates trust

All sanosan baby care products are clinically tested by an independent dermatological institute
for their good skin compatibility. They are free from parabens, silicones, paraffin oil, SLS/SLES and


Quality that inspires

In quality assurance, raw ingredients and products are examined in accordance with the highest German quality standards. The focus is on testing the quality, purity and stability. Each year, independent institutes certify the quality of sanosan products at the highest level.

Made in Germany

“Outstanding formulations and excellent quality assurance belong together – from the raw ingredient to the finished sanosan product.”

Christoph Bohnsack
Head of Quality Assurance