Terms of Use

for product reviews and post comments

The rating/comment system on www.sanosan.com is an offer of Schröder Cosmetics GmbH & Co. KG, Mann & Schröder Str. 1, 74928 Hüffenhardt (hereinafter referred to as Schröder Cosmetics). By submitting a product review /  post comment, you accept the following conditions. Do not submit a product review or prost comment if you do not wish to accept these terms. We reserve the right to revise these terms. Therefore, please read the Terms of Use each time you submit a product review or post comment.

A. Submitting a product review / post comment

  1. The product review function gives you the opportunity to rate individual products from Schröder Cosmetics. The product ratings reflect your own opinion and not that of Schröder Cosmetics. Schröder Cosmetics expressly distances itself from the content of these evaluations.
  2. The post comment function gives you the opportunity to comment on individual Schröder Cosmetics posts. Comments on articles reflect your own opinion, experiences or thoughts and not those of Schröder Cosmetics. Schröder Cosmetics expressly distances itself from the content of these comments.
  3. When you submit a prosuct rating / post comment, your name and e-mail address will be transferred to Schröder Cosmetics. Instead of your real name, you can also use a pseudonym (mandatory field). Your e-mail address will never be publicly visible. Schröder Cosmetics may use your e-mail address to contact you to verify the rating or comment provided.
  4. The submission of a product review is done on the one hand by awarding stars. It is possible to give a rating from one star up to five stars. One star is the worst rating, five stars correspond to the best rating. On the other hand, the evaluation takes place in the form of a written contribution. For this you have an evaluation field at your disposal. For the delivery of a contribution comment only a comment field is to you at the disposal, in which you can write a text. If you do not want to use this, you can also mark a contribution with “Like”.

 B. Use of the product rating / comment function

  1. by submitting a rating/comment, you transfer to Schröder Cosmetics the non-exclusive, royalty-free, permanent and irrevocable right:
  2. to use, copy, revise, publish, translate, make available to third parties, distribute, make publicly available and reproduce the rating / comment (in whole or in part) online as well as offline (e.g. in print media or catalogs), as well as to integrate it into other works of any form (media, technologies; already existing or those still being developed).
    this means, for example and not conclusively, that Schröder Cosmetics may publish the rating/comment and allow third parties to use the ratings/comments for promotional purposes (e.g. in its advertising or for marketing purposes).

C. Content of the product reviews / post comments

 Ratings and comments may not have content that:

  1. is criminal or incites or encourages a criminal offense;
  2. is unlawful
  3. is threatening, harassing, abusive, fraudulent, defamatory, misleading, racist, discriminatory, glorifies violence, offensive, obscene or pornographic;
  4. infringes or violates the rights of third parties (including any intellectual property rights, e.g. copyrights, trademark rights);
  5. is technically harmful, e.g. contains malicious code;
  6. involves confidential data and/or violates or compromises the privacy of third parties;
  7. deceives others about your identity (in particular by impersonating another person);
  8. is not truthful;
  9. serves to advertise other websites, products or services (among other things, it is not permitted to include telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or links);
  10. is off-topic: i.e. content that is not related to the actual product, e.g. experiences with certain dealers;
  11. is not based on the user’s own experience with the product.

D. Responsibility for the content / corrections

  1. Ratings / comments are not continuously monitored by Schröder Cosmetics for illegal content, either before or after they are published. However, Schröder Cosmetics reserves the right to irrevocably delete your rating / comment in the event of a violation of the content listed in section C.
  2. With regard to the handling of your personal data, we refer to our privacy policy. For general questions, please contact us via the contact form.