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Our vision:

To provide the best care products for the healthy skin of babies, kids and mums.

  • For more than 40 years, sanosan has been committed to healthy baby skin.
  • No other organ is as diverse and fascinating as our skin.
  • Your baby’s skin, however, is particularly delicate and vulnerable.


Our vision is to provide mothers, their babies and children all over the world with the best skin care products they can imagine.

We manufacture our products with love and great know-how in our family business in the south of Germany. But the best products are not good enough for us.

Every day we ask ourselves how we can make our formulas even better. Even more caring, even more natural and even more sustainable for our environment.

We believe that only the best ingredients, careful production and elaborate quality controls in our own laboratories are the guarantee for high-quality formulas.

It is no coincidence that our brand name sanosan is derived from the Latin word “sanus”, meaning “healthy”. Because each of our care products is dedicated to the health of the skin. Especially for babies, but also for mothers and children.

We at sanosan commit ourselves 100 % to healthy skin every day.