Dr. Pleimes schaut lächelnd in die Kamera

Hello, my name is Dr. med. Marc Pleimes,

I am a specialist in pediatrics, dermatology and allergology and have been running a practice in Heidelberg since 2012, specializing in pediatric and adolescent skin. During my work as a senior doctor in pediatric dermatology at the Children’s Hospital and Pediatric Surgery of the University Hospital Zurich, as well as through internships at Johns Hopkins University, USA, among others, and regular participation and lecturing at national and international congresses, I was able to expand my knowledge of the diagnosis and therapy of skin diseases in children.

Due to my extensive experience, I am the right contact person when it comes to children’s sensitive skin.

I have also decided to work together with sanosan to advise parents on the correct way to treat baby and children’s skin. This sensitive skin needs extra care, protection and mild ingredients. With my knowledge as a pediatric dermatologist and the latest scientific findings in this field, I will actively support the sanosan team.