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FAQ – Questions about us and our sanosan products

About sanosan

What does sanosan mean?

The brand name sanosan comes from the Latin word „sanus“ and means “healthy”. sanosan offers care products for the healthy skin of babies, children and pregnant women.

What makes sanosan different?

sanosan is a brand of MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS, a German family company run in the 3rd generation. All sanosan products are developed, produced and tested in our own laboratories and production facilities. The quality and safety of our products are our top priority.

What does the product portfolio of sanosan include?

The heart of sanosan is the baby care series – sanosan is a baby care specialist with all products you need to care for your baby. Taking advantage of our experience in baby skin care, we also produce kids and mama care products.

What values does sanosan stand for?

Every single day, we align all our efforts with the values we stand for – health, responsibility and safety:

  • We develop products that support healthy skin and do not irritate the skin in any way.
  • We take responsibility for the future of our earth. Our products contain a high level of ingredients of natural origin, most formulas are biodegradable and the brand sanosan and our company are climate neutral.

We develop our formulas in our own research and development laboratories in southwest Germany. All sanosan products are clinically tested by an independent dermatological institute.

Are sanosan products safe?

All sanosan products are subject to an extensive testing procedure to ensure their absolute safety. The formulas are developed in our own R&D laboratories in southwest Germany, the products are produced in our own production facilities. The safety and quality of every product is tested – from the raw materials to the finished good. In addition all sanosan products are clinically tested for four weeks under expert supervision by an independent external test institute.

About sanosan Baby

What is special about sanosan baby care products?

sanosan baby care products are specially adapted to the needs of baby skin. They contain a high proportion of ingredients of natural origin and are free from critical ingredients such as paraffins, parabens, silicones, SLS / SLES and phenoxyethanol.

What are the key ingredients of sanosan baby care products?

Natural milk protein is the central, particularly skin-caring ingredient in sanosan. Midwives often recommend a splash of breast milk in the bath water for mild cleansing. We make use of this healing effect of milk: our products contain valuable natural milk protein.

Are sanosan baby care products natural?

sanosan attaches great importance to a high percentage of ingredients of natural origin. In all sanosan baby care formulas, the percentage is over 90%.

Why is milk protein good for baby’s skin?

Milk protein is like a soft shell for baby’s skin: the amino acid chain in milk protein forms a protective layer on baby skin. This considerably reduces moisture loss.

Where do sanosan baby care products come from?

sanosan Baby is part of MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS, a German family company run in the third generation. We develop and produce our products in Germany.