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Nursing Pads 30 pcs


With extra-absorbent cellulose fibre and ultra-soft fleece interior – sanosan Nursing Pads effectively lock away leaking breast milk.

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sanosan Nursing Pads are highly absorbent to protect your clothing from leaking breast milk.

They are breathable and skin-friendly, making them comfortable to wear. The anti-slip strips hold them in place and allow you to move about freely.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Breathable, soft nonwoven outer layer.
  • Adhesive strip keeps pad safely in place.
  • Contoured to fit your breast.
  • Especially absorbent disposable material.
  • Extra soft nonwoven inner layer, gentle on sensitive skin.

How to use

After every feeding, place a new sanosan nursing pad in you bra. You should ideally let your breasts air dry before covering them with the nursing pads. Change nursing pads regularly.

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Art. No.: 40894030
GTIN: 4003583207251

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